Bitcoin and Gold Compared.

In this episode we explore the similarities and the differences between Bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin is up 2000% (at the moment, anyway) so let’s explore whether that increase is justified. Bitcoin’s current price may be justified in the future. I think it may well be. But is that justified today? Comparing Bitcoin to gold may shed some light on the subject.

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  1. Can you explain Net Nutrality and the possible effect it’s roll backs could have on the future of crypto currencies??

    1. Thanks for commenting/asking, Catherine. In general, Net Neutrality will impact those users and content providers that use high bandwidth. Cryptocurrencies suck a lot of power, but not so much bandwidth. There is a lot of computing power involved with mining especially, but that’s done within the computers that mine. Not necessarily across the network. Providers of other services like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime content services, etc. will be hit hardest because the cost of streaming will be too high for some of their customer base. And of course, that less advantaged customer base will suffer. Not so much with cryto though. Anyone else with input?

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